Wednesday, May 25, 2011

in the words of enimem...

Guess who's back...back again!

Friends and family, if you think we've forgotten about you...think again. It's been the whirlwind of a lifetime since my (Kate) and later Andy's return from the frozen Russian tundra. Things have been only a little bit busy - here's what we've been up to...

With the help of some good-looking, young bucks (thanks Joey and Daniel), I moved into a cute little one bedroom in the above picture apartment complex. It's a great location - 10 minutes to Laguna Beach, 20 to Newport, hiking/running trails's okay, I guess.
Had an amazing visit with my Daddy - dined in Laguna (thank you racerback tanline that has yet to go away), hiked at Crystal Cove State Park, explored my new home and had deep and meaningful conversation. So happy to have had you!
Post Andy airport pick-up, we spent the evening in Venice Beach and Marina Del Ray. We stopped by Andy's favorite Italian restaurant, C & O's (see diet-friendly garlic knots above), and had the chance to catch up with the Talerico family.
Soaked up the sun hanging out at Thousand Steps, our favorite spot in Laguna Beach.
Have made several attempts to "socialize" Harry Winston at the dog park. He enjoys getting out, prancing around and crushing on other boy dogs.
Finally had our engagement pictures taken by the most AMAZING photographer of life - Mike Larson, you have been so blessed with your gift.
Discovered that perhaps our blog name isn't as creative as originally thought. I found this gem in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin during a visit for my sister's baby shower.
Took over Sin City with four of my closest kittens this past weekend. We may or may not have ended the night (er, morning) at the Hugh Hefner Suite in the Palms' Fantasty Tower.
Other highlights include:
- Eating American food (Helloooooo Chipotle!) and watching American TV (The Voice, anyone?)
- Running the Orange County half marathon with two of my best friends, Ashley and Julia
- Starting volleyball practices with the Men's National Team
- Hanging out with and volunteering for our friends at FCA Volleyball
- Enjoying being back in the church scene
- Beginning pre-marital counseling work with our mentor couple, Dave and Betsy
- And of course, diving head first back into all the wedding planning...87 days - but who's counting?

That's it for now. Consider this an official promise to get into the blog swing of things. Expect many more updates to come!

on to the next one...