Friday, February 27, 2015

vineman monte rio

So, I might be crazy... Our month of May is absolutely bananas already. We fly back to San Francisco on May 6th, head up to Healdsburg May 7th - 10th. Fly to Minnesota on May 12th. Fly out for our honeymoon on May 16th. Fly from our honeymoon to Chicago on May 24th. Fly back to the Bay Area on May 27th. And finally, considering I just submitted my registration (there's no going back now)... Head up to wine country again on May 30th for the VineMan Monte Rio Triathlon.

As if flying from Europe and all around North America in 3ish weeks isn't enough, I decided to end my first month back in the states with a tri. As you might remember, I challenged myself to my first triathlon almost 2 years ago and I absolutely fell in love with the whole experience. Last summer I even took on two more races - the San Diego Classic with Jenn and the Malibu Classic once again.

I'm super excited to get focused in my training for the VineMan and secretly (okay, not to secretly) hope to someday be fit and trained enough to compete in their TinMan 70.3 (half Iron Man) race! For now, I'll settle for spin classes with Austrian retirees and lap swimming with kindergarteners at the local pool.

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