Wednesday, March 23, 2011

It's the Final Countdown (doo doo doo doo, dododo doo doo)

Last evening, Team Jaroslavich played their final regular season match. It was a must win to get the team into playoffs and ease the qualms of the management staff. On Monday morning, we learned that the team Loco Belgorod wasn't at all interested in moving up in the standings (they were in 6th, Yaro in 7th) and that they'd only brought one of their starters. The rest of their travelers appeared to be the "B Team", a motley crew of awkward 16 year old looking boys and the shortest libero I've ever seen. I didn't like them from the get go. Their jerseys were green and red (Christmas colors are not tolerated outside of the holiday season) and none of them wore compression shorts, affording me the wonderful (not) opportunity to see lots of tush during their warm up and stretching. I will admit, however, that perhaps I'm just harboring bitter feelings toward the opponent and am ultimately jealous because their team is sponsored by PIO, the local mall. 

The shortest libero with the biggest butt ever and the rest of the "weiner" team.

This little weiner team was no match for Jaroslavich. It was quite funny, actually, to see the teams warming up together on the court. Andy's team is tall, big and strong. Loco was shorter (still tall), lean and looked like a bunch of highschoolers. The first two sets were no problem for the home team but over confidence gave set three to the opponents (it was a courtesy win in my opinion). Yaro battled back and took set four no problem - victory! We're happy to report crazy coach gave Andy some good playing time in the third set - it was so fun to watch him play and block the crap out of these little kiddies.

Green team getting owned.
A few non-volleyball related highlights from a spectator's point of view below. I've quite enjoyed the people watching at these matches - I'll definitely miss their weird outfits, awkward stares and "insults."

Outfit Fail of Life
The "cheerleaders" dancing to some Euro song - the only words in the entire song are SEX, SEX, SEX, SEX. They also look like they are 12.
Post match, we headed to the center of town with our bestie and Andy's teammate, Bojan Janic, the celebrity. We enjoyed a wonderful dinner or salad, soup, sushi and steak. We're very blessed and thankful to have found friendship in an English-speaking Serbian who is not only a blast to hang out with, but speaks enough Russia to get us by. We met his wife, Nada, last week when she was in town visiting. We knew she was an actress but didn't know to what extent. Last night we learned just how famous our foreign friends are. Apparently, their wedding news and pictures were all over the tabloids in Serbia last Spring - pretty crazy!

Bojan and Andy post match. Note candy bar in Andy's left hand. I promised B (a chocolate FANATIC) I'd gift him with a chocolate bar if they pulled out a win - it worked!
We're departing shortly for an afternoon with Bojan (or Booyah, as I call him). Our adventure will begin at McDonald's and then we'll trek into the center to tour around a bit. This evening, we're hoping to head to the arena and take in some Russian hockey. The local team, Locomotiv is playing in the finals of what seems to be the Stanley Cup of Russia. As avid hockey fans, we're both interested and excited to see what it's like. Fingers crossed Andy's manager is able get tickets!

On the the next one...

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  1. fun post... so funny that your friend is a celebrity in his own right :) i am so happy that they won and Andy got to play.. yeah! Have fun at the hockey game!

  2. The pic where red is blocking green is a riot :) love following ya'lls blog!! & Andy I can't wait to meet you :) I am very happy you found such gem like Kate <3

  3. Yay, volleyball and hockey....what a perfect day.