Wednesday, June 1, 2011

love is in the air...a wedding and weekend update

I promised myself that as soon as I was settled in Southern California, I'd get back into the wedding planning swing of things. Then I swore that once Andy got back, I'd really hit the ground and start cranking on my to-dos. And finally, it became once my mom returned from her stint abroad. Better late than never?

I'm feeling so blessed to have the opportunity to put my heart and soul into this wedding planning adventure. I'm taking care of myself, making friends, adjusting to a new lifestyle and putting in a lot of great work for our future - pretty dang exciting.

Last Wednesday I took a quick jaunt up to San Francisco for my prefit appointment at the dress designer's studio. It was wonderful to put the dress on again and reconfirm that it is in fact that one. My recent rekindled obsession with "Say Yes to the Dress" had me worried as you see bride after bride come back for their first fitting and hate it. Whew!

The next morning, Rochelle and I hopped in the car and headed back south for the long weekend. Friday and Saturday were spent tackling centerpieces and flower concepts with interior designer Aunt Rita, posting and addressing invitations and stalking perfect strangers as they set up for their own weddings our venue.

Thanks for your handwriting skills, Mommy'le!
Top secret decoration preview.
Are you getting a feel for the wedding style yet? 
As far as Memorial Day celebrations, we felt super blessed that the Js (friends Jon and Jaimie-Rose Winder) hosted two wonderful beach days/dinners at their temporary home in Emerald Bay. Andy, Rochelle, Ashley and I all got our fair share of sunshine, beach time, delicious food, incredible desserts and high-quality friend/family time.

Looking ahead to the weekend, we're celebrating Andy's birthday a bit early (as I'll be Tour de Midwest-ing on his big 2-7) with a super secret night out. Stay tuned for a recap of what is sure to be a wonderful and exciting adventure!

on to the next one...

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