Sunday, June 19, 2011

Shower stop one - Iowa City!

When my dad remarried a few years ago, I knew I was blessed with a phenomenal new step-family. Little did I know, however, just how very blessed I'd be. I didn't just inherit the cutest stepmom and a couple of stepbrothers, I inherited a whole slew of amazingly loving, caring and kind family friends.

Lenny's longtime friend, Marlea O'Brien, hosted a bridal shower for me today. It was so fun to kick off the shower circuit with such good friends, family and food.

Guest appearance from Iowa City's newest resident...
Bottled Lightning member and college friend, Emily Drake!
A million thanks for all the generous and wonderful gifts. I'm a lucky girl!

on to the next one...(quite literally in this case, my next shower is this coming Saturday)


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  1. Lenny's friends do throw a good shower. I had a super fun time at Anne's. I hope you're enjoying your tour of the midwest.