Monday, August 15, 2011


Despite the pre-wedding sickness of a lifetime (Z-pack, you best start working STAT!), I got my butt out of bed bright and early Saturday morning and made my way into the beautiful city of San Francisco. Upon arriving at Fort Mason (and seeing many a spirited runners dressed in what could only be BG costumes), Roch and I met up with Dean and Tony and headed to the starting line of the Big Gay 10K.

I'd run the race last year with a few friends, but was looking forward to some bonding time with my future uncle and partner-in-law. We spotted a few of DT's friends, conversed, stretched, found our applicable pace sign - "I'm Okay With Mediocrity" - and we were off.

A short 6 miles later, we were in the homestretch and could see the light at the end of the big gay balloon tunnel. Dean and I (overachiever Tony took an early lead) were greeted with a bubble machine, cheers and clapping from an overly excited crowd and "encouragements" from MC "Juanita Fajita."

I'm thrilled to have been a part of such a wonderful event, benefitting such an important and meaningful cause. As of the race that morning, more than $60,000 had been raised for the SFAF - amazing! A big thanks to all who helped me reach my fundraising goal.

Andrew, Dean, Tony, me and Peter (my obsession) pre-race
Dean is especially "Okay with Mediocrity"
Finish Line
In other news, my sister and PERFECT niece arrived in Orange County this morning. A day of wedding errands and explorations wore us out, but we're looking forward to a week full of crafting, last minute detailing and wedding preparations. Please pray for all of us this week as we head into the most exciting and most important event ever - KAWOL!

on to the next one...
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