Friday, September 30, 2011

Who doesn't love a man in uniform?

It was high time I learned a bit more about the sport my husband plays. I've taken my non-athletic "talents" to the beach a handful of times in an attempt to better understand volley, but only recently am I really starting to get it.

Andy was asked to play for "The Island of Misfit Toys Team" ST/Comp Quiksilver in UCI's International Volleyball Tournament this week. I've spent many a hour watching Andy, T. Wils and Cody Loe bust their butts against the Koreans, Brazilians and Chinese.

It's been so fun to see Andy play the last few days and I'm looking so forward to seeing more of it this upcoming season (knock on wood). A few pics from Monday's game...

Quik plays UCI this afternoon and has a final match tomorrow. Anyone care to take in a little semi-pro volleyball with me?

on to the next one...

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