Sunday, October 23, 2011

"In heaven there is no beer...

...that's why we drink it here!" And drink it here, did we ever.*

The second annual Diers/Holte/Turner/Dranka/Hein/Sams tailgate was a success. We played bags, toasted to Roberto's 30th birthday, enjoyed showing EA the tailgate ropes, cracked the case of the returned dog and cheered on our beloved Hawks.

Thinger, Mick and Cody.
BEAD and her parentals.
Missing you, Andy and Max!

Unbeknownst to my dad, Lenny and us kids had been planning a surprise 60th for quite some time. After a pretend meltdown (thanks Ellie), Lenny and the Drankas left the game early and headed home to set up for the celebration. Dad's siblings and friends gathered from near and far to ring in his 60th birthday in style.

Don't be fooled by his expression. He was surprised. I swear...
 Ellie and Lebron hooped it up post-surprise.
Homemade blueberry pancake breakfast with the fam - I die.

That's the latest from these parts. Pending flight bookage, I should be joining the mister abroad next week - hooray!

on to the next one...

*for all you Iowa haters, "In Heaven There Is No Beer!" is the unofficial victory song of the Hawkeyes. Click for a listen.


  1. Happy first homecoming tailgate Ellie. Wish Aunt Kate a safe flight to Europe to see Uncle Andy.

  2. I was trying to get Ellie to introduce me to "King James," but she said there was this deal with his agent, etc., etc. I think she was leading me on....Thanks for being the photog for the trip!