Monday, November 14, 2011

Happy birthday, Kawika!

The Heimero family hosted our dear Hawaiian/German friend, Kawika, this past weekend. We drank, we fondued, we birthday celebrated, we watched volleyball (twice), we adventured and we thoroughly enjoyed a great weekend with wonderful company.

On Friday, we hit the city to see the sights and shared in Kawika's first fondue experience.

Le boys.
The Centre - can't help but see the San Francisco resemblance.  
The Organ at the Cathedral
The Olympic Museum.
Birthday brownies with Nutella frosting, of course. Nice outfit, Romero.

LUC had a tough match (and subsequent loss) Saturday night but we managed to kick up our spirits just enough make a wizard staff and head back into town for a night of birthday shenanigans.

Sunday we headed up north to cheer Kari Pestolesi and her team to victory. Following the match, we dined at a local pizzeria and played a little King's Cup at the girls' apartment before heading home for the night.

All in all, a wonderful weekend and we were sad to see Kawika go this morning. Safe travels back to Berlin!

on to the next one...

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