Sunday, February 19, 2012

Ti amo, Milano!

Without fail, every time I return home from Italy, I find that I've have left my heart in whatever city I've just been - again. And again. And again.

We popped down to Milan for a quick trip with Kiley this weekend. After a jam-packed Saturday in the city, we TRENITALIA-ed out to the suburb of Crema, a perfectly charming little town just an hour away. We wined and dined until our heart's content before cozying up in sweet little apartment for the night (thanks Pao!).

How can you not love a bustling Italian city like Milan? It's not Rome. Or Florence. Or even Venice. But it's not trying to be. Sure, it's known more for shopping and rail thin, high-fashion models than it is for must-see attractions and to die for Italian cuisine, but it's lovely. Absolutely lovely.

Amidst many (MANY) laughs and memories made, we enjoyed the:
- Food
- Wine
- Churches
- Street performers and musicians
- American-English speaking tourists (and Chinese and British and Indian)
- Celebrating Carnevale with the locals
- Italian culture - how can you not?

Prayer candles for our grandparents.
 Dance pose, Lauren.
 Hand-crafted fresh vegetable art.
 We like braids.
 The home of The Last Supper.
 Carnevale confetti.
 Playing along with the paraders.
 A little bit of home away from home.
Le sigh.
Thank you, California Bakery, for the best breakfast of life.

Eagerly anticipating our next great adventure and hoping (praying, crossing fingers-legs-and-eyeballs) that it's just around the corner. If you're not sure if I'm alluding to an upcoming announcement or not, that's the point. Details soon. Maybe.

on to the next one...

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