Monday, March 5, 2012


Last weekend, we were finally given our car. Not that we didn’t love parading around in the Peugeot with Murphy listening to the “radio”, or walking the 20+ minutes into town for any given reason, but we were pleased (to say the least) that the Lancia was in our possession.

Gassed up and ready for adventure, we headed about 30 minutes south to the coastal town of Terracina.  It’s a charming little place that actually reminded us a lot of SoCal beach towns – long stretches of beach, promenade-esque walkways along the water, cute shops and tasty restaurants.

We ventured through the “centro storico” to take in the ancient sites and beautiful vistas before heading down to the water for gelato.

Our new whip.
 I love you, my love.
Play "find the cat" in this picture - there are more than you'd think.

Super thankful to have pretty places like this to visit on a whim.

on to the next one...


  1. I'm certain that you must have cat-painted that picture....

  2. I most certainly did not. Scary isn't it?