Saturday, June 2, 2012

doheny days

Fresh off the heels of a wonderful Memorial Day weekend, we continued our summertime celebration with the 2012 Kandejandro Camping Kick-off at Doheny State Beach.

Doheny has a special place in our hearts as we stayed at the resort across the street from the main beach for a few days following KAWOL. It was so much fun to make more memories with some of our favorite friends!

We're so happy (Harry especially was) that the Winders were able to join in the campfire festivities (thanks for dinner, guys!) on Wednesday and camping fun on Friday night.

Highlights include: vicious ladderball marathon-like competitions, surfing and paddleboarding, sipping on Silver Bullets, getting weird to ESATMZ's new album, dressing 'Jandro up for his big date and s'mores galore.

on to (can't wait for) the next one...

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