Tuesday, July 3, 2012


It's hard to believe that after three years, this is the first time Andy and I have been able to celebrate his birthday together. We've been apart the last two years (Egypt then Chicago) but took full advantage this year for his big 2-8.

Saturday we had dinner at a new BBQ joint in Newport Beach, DivBar. Though a bit scene-y (the brunette from RHOC and her fellow plastics sat a table away), the food and beer was absolutely delicious. We spent a majority of the night wondering if Andy could successfully complete DB'S BIG THREE...

The next morning, the Palmquists worked their kitchen magic and prepared an incredible birthday breakfast, complete with a kale bouquet (an obvious but highly appropriate jab at our healthy eating habits) - credit Tyler. We are so thankful to have had such a loving family to celebrate with!

After breakfast, we headed up to Westwood for a little Sunday Funday Double Birthday Bash in celebration of Alejandro and Andy. We had dinner, drinks, dancing and game time before shuttling to the Hollywood Bowl for Ben Harper. Per usual, craziness (and mild inappropriateness) ensued...and it was awesome. We had the best time thanks to the perfect weather, amazing food and incomparable company!

Ben Harper killed it, as evidenced in the video below. At one point, he stepped away from the mic, walked up the front of the stage, commanded silence from his band and the audience, and acapella-ed the crap out of "Where Could I Go." I have chills just thinking about it.

(turn your sound way up - worth it)

During the encore (Amen Omen and Burn One Down - are you serious?!), our whole group made its way down to the terrace level to sing around and dance like crazy people. So much love.

Monday, we headed up to Malibu for breakfast and a little beach time to celebrate Harry Winston's 4th birthday. The day was so perfect, Harry couldn't handle himself and ultimately decided to snooze instead. Rough. Life. Oh, and we saw Rachel Zoe and her adorable little kiddo at Ralphs. Andy tells me this isn't a big deal because "it's Malibu, it happens all the time" but I refuse to let him rain on my parade.

on to the next one... 

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