Thursday, August 9, 2012

sweet san francisco

Our first weekend in August was spent on the road venturing up to San Francisco and Berkeley to see various family members, friends and a handful of SF-related errands.

Friday we had lunch with Jules (thanks for taking a long, leisurely break sister!) and dined with an array of Ray Banks afficianados to celebrate his acceptance to Penn State's MBA program and impending departure to Happy Valley. Clearly we were more focused on the food and wine at hand, as evidenced by the one and only shot from our four hour dinner below.

Saturday morning we met up with the Winders (Jonathan, Jaimie-Rose and Jenille) for a so-long breakfast at Rose's Cafe, a favorite of mine from my city days. Though I failed once again at photo-taking during and after our meal, I snapped this cute shot of the Mister beforehand.

After strolling up and down Union post-breakfast, we said our goodbyes to Jonathan (he departed for Romania that evening) and headed back over the bridge in preparation for a triple date dinner with Dean, Tony, Rochelle and Martin up on Skyline. The night ahead looked something like this...

on to the next one...

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