Monday, September 3, 2012

point reyes

Yesterday Rochelle, Martin and I day-tripped up to Point Reyes for a day of adventure, hiking and sunshine.

First stop - Nicasio, a teeny, tiny little town outside of Novato. The "city" is charming with just one restaurant, general store, post office and church. It obviously appeals to a very specific kind of person, considering the population is just below 100 people. One notable former resident, Jerry Garcia, lived in the town at the time of his death.

The weather was incredible - more than 80 degrees in Point Reyes Station - until we drove over the ridge. Like a ton of bricks, the fog hit us - clouding the sky and chilling our tank topped and t-shirted bods. Hellbent on exercise, we headed off toward the Lighthouse despite the less than desirable temperatures.

The road back to town is paved with historic ranches. I found this scene to be particularly perfect. It only deepened my desire to move to a ranch in Texas and spend my days saying "y'all" and drinking sweet tea.

Before heading back to Berkeley, we stopped in Point Reyes Station for a quick bite. The town, population 848, is quaint, quiet and absolute gem.

Thanks to mom and Martin for this lovely day out of the house and helping me avoid the inevitable unpack/repack.

on to the next one...

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