Monday, October 29, 2012

"paris is always a good idea."

Charles Dickens once said, "What an immense impression Paris made upon me. It is the most extraordinary place in the world!"

I have to agree. A million times.

Until very recently, my impressions of Paris were based heavily on memories of swimming in my own sweat due to the European summer heatwave of 2002, gawking at the ruckus-causing bus drivers "on strike", and missing my high school boyfriend (note, it was much the same mindset described here). 

What a difference a decade makes. I spent most of the train ride from Toulouse to Paris daydreaming about my arrival. I'd immediately transform into my very own version of the chic, glamourous and perfectly Parisian Audrey below (dog and all).

On the contrary, I disembarked an overcrowded train, found our host for the weekend, shuffled through the sea of people in Gare du Montparnasse, and effortlessly made crammed my way onto a city bus at rush hour on a Friday. Le sigh...

After arriving at our apartment for the weekend, I quickly regrouped and made my way toward to Metro in a (fortunately successful) attempt to find Stade Charlety, where the Spacer's were playing against the Paris club that night.

Although Toulouse was able to take a set off the "bad guys", the night ultimately ended in an unfavorable way. I blame the blue on blue jersey action - whose lame idea was that? And just like that, it was "on to the next one" - a weekend in the City of Lights thanks to two whole days off.

Post-game found us on a chilly late late night walk around the Latin Quarter in search of food. We stumbled upon an open creperie but hesitated as we had the little man with us. We tentatively opened the door, held up Harry, asked "C'est bon?", and after a smiling nod from the owner sat down to warm up and fill our bellies. Three crepes and a half carafe of wine later, we peeled ourselves off the chairs, sleepily walked home and fell into bed.

Saturday was day one of our "Do As Much As You Possibly Can in Paris in 36 Hours" whirlwind. Our day in photos...

Sunday morning kicked off in a rockin' way - literally. Knowing we'd miss Sunday service at TIC, we got up early and bussed our butts over the Hillsong Paris (yes, of "the" Hillsong). The energy and enthusiasm of the welcome staff, worship team, and teaching pastors was incredible.

The afternoon of day two was jam-packed once again...

Paris is perfect. Fin.

on to the next one...


  1. So pretty...and you guys packed in quite the tour in 36 hours. Tres Bien!!!

  2. Ah, it makes my heart hurt just a little bit to see all of your wonderful experiences, Katers! I'm quite confident that there is nowhere else on earth that can compare to the wonder of Paris. So glad you, Andy, and Harry were able to enjoy every moment of it. Living vicariously through your adventures, as always! xo