Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 days of thankful: 29

My incredibly hard-working, motivated, supportive, charming, encouraging, silly, sometimes a little too weird, smiling, super cute, wonderfully talented, and all-things-Kate-loving (okay, maybe not all things) husband, Andy'le.

If you don't believe me, check this out...

Disclaimer: as the above interview was conducted before my time, I will not take responsibility for the obvious lack of media training that went into the preparation for this interview. I disgress...

I consider myself quite a special lady to have had such a stud hand-picked for me. Life with Andy - be that in the comfortable setting of our state-side summer existence or elsewhere in the world - is ever-changing and always an adventure, something I've come to embrace. It's given me the chance to grow in my patience (and countless other things), live for someone else, count my blessings, and be thankful.

This Fall, whilst in Frenchieland, we got to celebrate our belated anniversary a handful of times. I lugged the "First Anniversary" bottle of wine that my dad had given us as a wedding gift all the way (trust this was a compromise, especially when said bottle takes up precious packing space and weight) to Toulouse to enjoy with my better half.

Cheers to you, my darling Mr. Darcy. Thanks for hanging out with me forever.

on to the next one...

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  1. Favorite part of playing volleyball: Spiking opponents in the head.

    Last CD Bought: "Orange County" Soundtrack

    Then he goes and TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF with this answer...

    Favorite food: Portillos

    --Love you guys!