Saturday, December 1, 2012

because one thanksgiving wasn't enough

Every year, in an effort to reach out to the community we are a part of, the "young adults" in our church host a Thanksgiving dinner. Sign up sheets were passed around for the weeks leading up to our belated grubfest, cute little invites made for handing out to friends, colleagues, and classmates, and a few fabulous elder couples in the church worked their butts off to facilitate an incredible night of fellowship.

We were much too busy socializing and introducing Andy's Brazilian teammate, Alex, to many of our crazy, American-holiday customs to pose for any pictures but I managed to snap a few atmosphere shots before the party really started. More than 75 Christians and non-Christians joined together to share this meal - it was incredible!

We played ice breakers, ate too much, engaged in rich conversation, and laughed at Alex's reaction to the never-ending dishes of food magically appearing from behind the kitchen door, but most importantly, were reminded to give thanks and be grateful for everything He has and continues to provide for us.

on to the next one...

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