Monday, February 18, 2013


This past weekend, we were happily "Sorensened" when Jillybean and Rhonda visited Toulouse. It was a super quick trip for them (including way too many hours in the car, especially after traveling from the west coast) but I can't even begin to express my gratitude for their visit.

As my time in Toulouse wraps up, it was comforting to see some family and be immediately reminded of just one of the many great things that await me at home.

Friday night we caught a Fenix handball match at the Palais des Sport, the arena Andy's team also plays at. We see the handballers on the reg but hadn't ever actually taken in a match. After scoring some free tickets (thanks Philippe!) and welcoming our visitors with open arms, we ventured on over.

From my extremely ignorant perspective, I understand handball to be much like water polo but on land. Somewhere the French handball players - reigning Olympic gold medalists - are shaking their heads at my stupidity. It's extremely fast-moving, high-scoring, and aggressive, making for quite an entertaining evening. Oh, and the men of Fenix pulled off the W.

Saturday took us to Airbus for a tour of the A380, lunch at Le Flower's, and bouncing around town on a picture-perfect day. When Andy headed home for his pre-match nap, we stopped for a drink on the patio atop Galeries Lafayette and chatted the afternoon away.

A few hours later, we found ourselves taking in a super exciting match thanks to Andy and the rest of our Spacer's lovers. They SWEPT the #2 team in the league is three sets - hiya! Post-win celebrations involving wine and champagne ensued, making for an awesome wake up call for church the following morning.

After church and one of the best brunches of life (thanks again De Danú), we hugged and waved goodbye to Rhonda and Jill as they left to cruise back up to Paris for the rest of their trip. I was so sad to see them go but am already looking forward to our upcoming girls trip to Seattle in April. See you soon, kittens.

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  1. Oh, sounds like a marvelous time was had by all. I would love to go to Airbus for a tour of the A380. An American pilot friend of mine lived in Toulouse for a few years training pilots for the A380.

    Maybe you will go to Toulouse again next year?