Tuesday, March 5, 2013


Back in October, on a rainy Saturday afternoon run during her visit to Toulouse, my buddy Claire and I decided it would be so fun to run a race together "someday" in Europe. We had absolutely no intention of researching, discovering, and ultimately signing up for one just a few months later.

Fast forward to the first weekend in March. After a heartbreaking and emotional night at the Palais des Sports in Toulouse, I packed my bags for my last weekend hurrah in France - a 36 hour jaunt to the City of Lights for the Semi-Marathon de Paris.

Claire and my only real plan on Saturday was to find our way to the race expo and pick up our race packets. Afterwards, we traipsed around Paris for the afternoon, hitting all the hotspots in just a few hours.

Following a carbo-loading dinner at Cesar, we retired to our cute and cozy hotel room to put our feet up and rest for the race. The next morning, it was go time. The experience was one I won't soon (or ever) forget - running through one of the most beautiful cities in the world with an incredible friend, unwavering motivator, and inspiring woman of God.

A quick shower and metro ride later, we strolled through the park at the Eiffel Tower and bid farewell after a post-race crepe.

My dear Claire, I am the most blessed to know you, love you, and be loved by you. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of this very memorable experience!

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