Monday, July 22, 2013

potato chip rock

There's something to be said about little getaways. This weekend, Andy and I stepped out from behind the "orange curtain" and headed down to San Diego for a little fresh air.

After church on Sunday, we jumped in the car and were off. Not two hours later, we were checked into our Gaslamp District accommodations and en route on foot - so refreshing! - to one of our favorite restaurants, Acqua al 2. And while the San Diego location doesn't hold a candle to the original in Florence, we couldn't be stopped from consuming unnatural amounts of cheese and al dente pasta.

Monday morning (thank you, "personal day" PTO) we headed north toward Lake Poway. After a quick pitstop at Trader's for snacks and electrolyte waters, we parked the car and set off toward Potato Chip Rock on the Mount Woodson Trail. 

The bit of research we did said we should allow 4 hours round trip - 3 up, 1 down. With the wind at our backs, we set out for The Chip and just an hour and a half later, we'd made it.

We agreed from the get-go that we wanted to be sure to "let our lights shine" on the trail. Every person we encountered, we cheerily greeted with a "Good Morning!" or a "How's it going?" What a blessing it was to see the smiles spread across our fellow trailblazers' faces as we passed them on the way up and down.

It was super fun to tackle this mountain - literally and metaphorically - together. We've had our (un)fair share of stressors and challenges lately, and this was exactly what we needed to reenergize our souls and boost our spirits. If you live in Southern California, this is a must. If you don't, get your butts out here ASAP so we can take you there for an afternoon in the sun.

We're feeling very thankful for a healthy bodies that allow us to experience such incredible things. "God created it. Jesus died for it. The Holy Spirit lives in it. We should take care of it." Three cheers for fitness!

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  1. Until I saw you guys standing on it I was wondering why it was potato chip rock. Sounds like a great time. Glad you two got a get-a-way.