Monday, October 21, 2013

sisters in berliners + brian

Ever the romantic, I decided there wasn't any better time to visit my sister and her husband than during their kid free anniversary trip to Europe in celebration of their 5th wedding anniversary.

I'm so humbled, grateful, and every other thank you-related adjective out there that they allowed me to crash their part work, part play hop across the pond. Brian had a work-related conference in Berlin this past Thursday and Friday and being unwilling to leave my sister to her own exploratory devices, although she is extremely capable, I insisted on joining her for our first European Reunion in almost? more than? 10-ish years.

In our limited time, we managed to tour all the must-sees (vanilla latte and pretzel in hand) including the Topography of Terror, Checkpoint Charlie, the Holocaust Memorial, Brandenburg Gate, and the East Side Gallery. Unbeknownst to us, Berlin was celebrating their 9th annual Festival of Lights. When the sun went down each day, plazas and streets throughout the city came alive with impressive installations.

Thank you again to Anne and Brian for letting their sometimes annoying little sister crash a weekend away. I appreciate you both more than you know and look forward to our next adventure together!

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