Saturday, November 30, 2013


After all the shopping, Christmas Market-ing, and (especially) Sound of Music touring, we thought we owed it to Ron to engage in some non-girly activities. What better way to reward his patience than with a trip to his homeland?

Though Andy and I had visited Verona before (and I will again in February for a race), we knew it was to perfect place to spend a day off with Andy's parents. The center is full of beautiful buildings, rich history (real and fake), and one of the first truly "Italian" cities you reach when traveling south from Innsbruck.

We made our requisite stop at Juliet's house to see her balcony, touch the statue, and search for the lock Andy and I placed on the gate. Ultimately, we didn't find the lock but blame it on the fact that we didn't remember exactly where we'd placed it. Surely it hasn't been removed in the last few years...

After a quick jaunt through the Verona's sorry excuse of a Christmas Market, it was up to Lamberti Tower for a view of the whole city before making our way back to the car.

There you have it Ronnie - Italy, your homeland. Next trip let's explore the rest of the country. Capisce?

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