Saturday, March 22, 2014

salzburg: dad + lenny

For those of you who didn't understand exactly what was happening in the most recent installment of "Wordless Wednesday", look a little closer and notice the tiny puppy nose peeking out the top of the suitcase. Said suitcase belongs my dad and said puppy was none other than Harry Winston breaking into their hotel upon their arrival to Innsbruck.

Ever since we started talking about my dad and Lenny's trip to Europe, the dates seemed so long away - around Spring Break, mid-March, not for another six months or so…

Alas, their visit is upon us. With Andy stuck in Vienna for an unexpected extra night (the power went out in the arena and their match was postponed to the following night), we took advantage of the free day and headed to Salzburg. The weather had been shaping up marvelously the week prior to D + L's arrival, so sun-dressed and sun-screened we traversed the cute town for much of the day.

Salzburg is most famous for being the birthplace of classical composer and musical prodigy, Mozart. Later, Salzburg would come to be known by many as the setting of the popular musical, The Sound of Music. Having already done the tour with my in-laws last fall and desiring to soak up as much vitamin D as possible, we opted to spend our time exploring on foot.

Thanks to Rick Steves and his trusty guidebook, we thoroughly enjoyed his self-guided walking tour. We hit all the hot spots - Universitätsplatz, Mozart's Geburtshaus, St. Peter's cemetery, Mirabell Gardens - and of course, indulged in some of the many tasty treats Salzburg has to offer. Among our favorites? Fresh-out-of-the-oven brioche from the oldest bakery (still powered by water wheel) in town and Konditorei Fürst's original Mozartkugel, a pistachio marzipan-filled chocolate ball.

Sunkissed and overfed, we hopped back on the city bus, collected our car from the Park + Ride, and hit the autobahn. Andy's team went on to beat HotVolleys later that night in the second "best of five" semi-final series. One more to go before we clinch a spot in the finals!

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