Sunday, November 16, 2014

timbersports world championships 2014

When we were younger and on vacation in Mexico, my sister and I would often stumble across poorly-dubbed Lumberjack competitions on the local version of ESPN (The Ocho, perhaps). We would sit, mesmerized by the burly, plaid clad men, as they dangerously swung their axes and chainsaws at unassuming logs and trees.

Fast forward to present time. En route to the gym everyday, we pass the Olympiahalle in Innsbruck, which plays host to many special events throughout the year. For the last two months, we've seen the large, orange posters, touting the upcoming Stihl Timbersports World Championships. Offhandedly, I made a joke to Andy's teammate that we should go. One thing led to another, and last night brought Andy, myself, Greg, Janja, Liis, Martti, Oliver, and Gerli to said competition.

Unsuspectingly, we found ourselves getting way more into it than I should probably admit. We cheered for our home country representatives (in our case, this guy, who also happens to work as a defense attorney when not training and competiting), heckled the other contestants, and were amazed as the "redneckedness" of fellow patrons.

There were three total rounds, each eliminating the lowest scoring competitors - three events in the first round, two events in the second round, and one final event - Hot Saw - in the third round. Below, you'll find Cogar (USA) competing against Komarek (Czech Republic) in the second round's "Single Buck" event, which involves the sawing through of a large log with an even larger saw.

All in all, it was a fun and entertaining evening. Though we all agreed we will likely never attend another Lumberjack event in our lives, we are glad we went. I love making these ridiculous "remember when?" memories with friends from around the world.

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