Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Is that the house from "Hey Arnold!"?

Today I moved out of my hotel and into my "new" apartment. I was sad to leave the hotel for a couple of reasons...1) Free internet (not very reliable though) 2) Free breakfast! If you know me, you'll know which one I liked better. Anyways, I received a call from our GM this morning telling me that I'd be moving into the new digs after our morning practice and that should have everything packed sooner rather than later. When he picked me up and took me to my place, I thought, wow, this is a typical Russian high-rise apartment. I'm living the dream! I'm situated on the 9th floor of building #2 in apartment 73. There are a couple of great things about this place. It's closer to my gym than the hotel was, there's a supermarket within 200 feet of my door that sells avocados, I have a full kitchen and shower I can stand in (Greece reference), and it looks like somebody's grandma was living there before I was. Awesome! Here are a couple of pics of the place...I spent about an hour cleaning, unpacking, and setting things up. It'll be a great place for me to live for the next 2 months and for Kate to visit. I can't wait!

Full Size Kitchen

The Bedroom

The Living Room


  1. It so looks like the "hey, Arnold' house.. I love it. I am so happy that you have a market close to you, with avocados none the less. I am also glad that you guys have space to hang out in, as I am sure you will not be frolicking in the snow all the time. I am so happy that so many prayers have been answered!