Thursday, July 7, 2011

Update of life

In the words of Andy's favorite celebrity stylist, Rachel Zoe, the last few weeks have been BA.NAN.AS! Andy and I have been travel crazy - from SF for dress fittings to Canada for volley tournaments to Chicago/Iowa/Minnesota for bridal showers to a relaxing week on the lake in northern Minnesota - we've been all over the place (literally).

We're excited to be home and settling back into wedding planning. We can't believe it's just six short weeks away until our special day (or "Dooms Day" according to Jon Winder) - woo hoo!

A few highlights...

I got to spend two whole weeks with Ellie Anne - she's amazing!
Bestie x bestie - amazing high school reunionizing with Keri, Beth and Lauren.
The Kleinschrodt aunts and hosts of my "Breakfast at Tiffanys"-inspired shower.
Jilli and me getting a little silly with Stef's baby shower decorations. What a joyful day - celebrating a new marriage and a new baby!
Our digs in northern Minnesota thanks to step-mom-of-the-century, Lenore Holte!
Brother bartending duty.
Captain Mick - what a cute dad I have!
Ellie Anne was able to catch up on a bunch of calls during her vacation. Thank goodness.
We like each other - Me, Max, Anne, Erika, Keith and Jesse.
God is good - what a beautiful sunset!
Favorite activity of the week - floating in the lake with a life jacket. Lenny delivered anytime she was prompted with a "beer me."
Tasting brother-in-law, Brian Dranka's home brew.
Andy's sister, Caroline, preparing for the Chicago shower. Another wonderful host :)
on to the next one...

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