Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekend Getaway - Santa Barb and the Channel Islands

My parents and their friends aren't just a bunch of smart science nerds with PhDs, they're actually super nice, welcoming, generous and fun to hang out with - go figure :)

This past weekend, Andy and I had the pleasure of joining this esteemed group on an adventure trip up north. Saturday morning, we took the Island Adventurer out to Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands. During the hour-ish long boat ride, we saw many a dolphin and sea lion enjoy their little sea lives. Between the waves of seasickness, Andy and I also took time to work on our Junior Ranger Explorer certification packets.

Once docked and oriented (a must before embarking on any hiking, kayaking, etc. on the island), Rochelle, Andy and I headed up to hike along the bluffs for the afternoon. Later, we met up with the more adventurous in the group following their ocean kayak excursion, planted our butts on the beach and soaked up some sunshine.

We took the boat back to the mainland and headed up a bit farther north to the house they'd rented for the long weekend. The house was high up in the Santa Barbara hills and provided a wonderful view of the polo field where where Prince William and the Duchess had been earlier that day. An evening of good wine, great conversation, delicious food and card playing ensued before (embarrassingly) Andy and I were the first to call it a night on the luxurious aerobed.

This morning we took our time coming down the coast and even made a stop at Andy's alma mater, Pepperdine. All in all, a wonderfully relaxing weekend. Just what the doctor ordered following last week's planning-meeting-with-coordinator-turned-almost-panic-attack.

Rochelle and Andy'le preparing to board.
Junior Ranger Explorers unite!
Marty, Dick, Pat, Nance, Cliff, Cathy and Bob getting their 'yak on.
The clearest (and coldest) water.
Atop Cavern Point on Santa Cruz Island.
View from la casa in the hills.
on to the next one...
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