Saturday, November 5, 2011

Our humble abode

I've been doing my best to make Apartment 40 camera-ready but it's a slow process. You can definitely tell this is a club-owned apartment and that volley men have lived in it for quite some time.

Our bedroom: Today we hit up Ikea in search of a mattress pad/feather bed. We thought we'd struck out until we spotted the solution on our way out. While our SULTAN TARSTA pillowtop was not cheap, (more than $100) we decided it's worth it for several reasons: A) 6 months is a long time to be uncomfortable on an overused mattress B) Who knows what has happened on said mattress and C) Who knows how old said mattress is.

The living room: It's pretty bare. We have a 3-person couch, a love-seat, a coffee table and a storage unit. It may seem sad but a big open wall is perfect for movie and football watching on the projector. I'll admit I was skeptical about the need for said projector but I'm embracing it. Last night we had an "American" dinner - cheeseburgers and fries - and watched Harry Potter 7 Part 2 with Evan and Andrew.

View from a window in the living room: It's been a bit gloomy lately but the clouds broke just enough for sunset.

View from the kitchen window: Regrettably, I was unable to capture our neighbors, the donkeys, in a shot from the window of the kitchen but I was able to capture the beautiful changing leaves. The donkeys love to frolic in the field across the street. They also love to nay (is that what they do?) at all hours of the day and night - oh joy.

I'm flying solo for the evening as the boys play in away in Bern. I'm thankful to have a little "me time" to enjoy a glass of wine, finish my book and cheer the Hawks to victory.

Tomorrow, my brother husbands (Andy, Evan and Andrew) and I are heading on a foodie adventure - cheese and chocolate touring and tasting in Gruyere and Broc. Stay tuned for a recap of our day.

on to the next one...


  1. Right? The boys' coach, who happens to be mormon, said that the other day. I figured if he can make that kind of joke, it's okay for me to roll with it ;)

  2. Horses nay, donkeys bray. It looks beautiful there! What a wonderful adventure you two are sharing together!