Friday, December 9, 2011

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... les alpes.

Rainy season is upon us in Lausanne. Unfortunately, it rarely snows in or around Centre, but the mountains are a whole different story. A few pictures snapped from - sigh - our bedroom window. God must have been especially inspired the day he made the alps. They are absolutely breathtaking.

Personally, I welcome the cooler temperatures with open arms (cue Journey). The chill in the air and the all too early sunsets remind me of anxiously awaiting Santa's arrival as a little girl. Our tree this year is small but mighty. And it's twinkling lights bring a little Christmas cheer to our otherwise drab apartment.

Andy and I are looking forward to celebrating Christmas together for our first time as a married couple. We have quite the adventure planned for Andy's short break and can't wait to start our own family traditions this year!

on to the next one...

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