Friday, January 27, 2012

LNA Wildcard Race

It's been a quiet week 'round these parts as we recovered from the birthday weekend, subsequent sniffles that resulted from said celebration and the fact that the boys have been hard at work in the gym preparing for their final regular season match. The winner of this match will secure a spot in the Swiss League playoffs. The loser...won't.

The opponent: Nafels
The issue: The last three match-ups have gone to five but have had less than desirable outcomes
The (ONLY) solution: KICK. THEIR. SWISS-GERMAN. BUTTS! (preferrably in three)

The match is at 17:00 local time tomorrow (meaning 8 a.m. west coast and 10 a.m. middle coast time) for all you die-hard fans interested in staring intently at the miniature video on your computer screen while tallying points on a piece of paper next to you because the Swiss don't know what "Live Score" is.

In all seriousness, the LUC guys have worked way too hard to have their season come to such an abrupt end. Send all positive thoughts, prayers and winning vibes our way.


on to the next one...

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