Monday, January 23, 2012

Birthday Weekend of Life

Another birthday has come and gone. While I'm not exactly happy to be past the mid-point of my twenties, I did find "I'm old" to be a convenient excuse when asked why we were leaving "so early" from the bar Saturday night (in my defense, it was nearly 3 a.m. and my Santa Clara college experience prevented me from learning how to stay up much past the 2 a.m. bar close).

Friday morning I woke up to homemade banana pancakes and presents, including some new clothing items and some CHF coins sent all the way from the USA (weird but appreciated, mommy!). That night we went to dinner with the Stewarts before continuing the party with Shawn and the Patchell kids for cake and ice cream. Sage wins the rock star award for preparing her Swiss specialty cake with - what else - Nutella frosting.

Happy Birthday from the states.
Sage's creation - so tasty!
Awkward - standard.
Per usual, things got a little crazy.

Because one cake just wasn't enough - and because I have an incredibly loving and culinarily (it's that a word?) talented husband - we celebrated again when we got home from Celebration One with Andy's cake.

Andy's creation, with a little help from Betty Crocker in the frosting department.
Harry was a spectacular helper.

The boys had their last home match of the regular season on Saturday. I met a friend for a glass of pre-game wine before heading to cheer on LUC. The guys won in three and we quickly found ourselves back home preparing for the night's festivities.

They kind of smoked 'em.
The best looking volleyball team around.

We had a slew of friends over for snacks, a Space Jam viewing and one or twelve two drinks before hitting the town. I failed in the picture taking department but Timi came through in the clutch with some amazing documentation.

 Harry's newest accessory.
 Me and T.
The start of our evening at Buzz thanks to Richie. While there were many other pictures, I reserve the right not to embarrass myself any further.

Such a fun weekend. Thanks to all for celebrating with me!

on to the next one...

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