Tuesday, September 18, 2012

on iowa

The third annual family football tailgate has come and gone but I'm still basking in the glory of the Hawkeyes butt kick over UNI. Perhaps it's because my professional football world fell to pieces on Sunday. Or maybe because college football is one of the few things in the states I miss more than I should probably admit. I digress.

The past weekend was full of family, fun and football - can you ask for a better way to spend three days?

All arrived throughout the day on Friday. That afternoon, with a little perfect midwest weather and Mich Golden Lights in hand, we all honed our ladder ball skills in preparation for Saturday's tailgate.

Following a grill out and bath time, Harry and Ellie spent some QT during story time. Of course I'm biased, and I completely admit that, but she's seriously the cutest little human. Ellie even sported a mohawk to show her allegiance.

Unable to contain our excitement for the impending kickoff, the Drankas (including Anne and her fancy new haircut), Harry and myself stepped out for a morning walk on Saturday. Easily exhausted, Harry made the return trip in Ellie's stroller.

Before we knew it, it was time to get dressed, give the pooches a final run around (thanks to Ellie), and head to Jackie and Roberto's tailgate near the stadium. The weather was a dream and the ladder ball competition was fierce. Friday night's impromptu practice proved beneficial as Anne and I took home the W against Cody and Tricia - amateurs.

The buzz in and around the stadium was incredible. Between the custom rivalry t-shirts sold at every corner and entire groups of blacked out slightly less than sober students body-painted head to toe in black and gold, it's nearly impossible not to feel the school spirit in your bones. Though in many ways Santa Clara was the perfect fit for me, I can't help but regret not attending a big football school. 

One final note, to the obnoxious UNI fan sitting in front of me talking crap...scoreboard.

on to the next one...


  1. Yay!!!! GO HAWKS!!!! Looks like it was another successful Diers/Holte/Dranka/Hein/Turner family tailgate!

  2. Great pics from a great weekend!