Sunday, November 11, 2012

30 days of thankful: 11

The Eloi family. We are super blessed to be sharing the season with the Eloi family - Andre, Nana, Santiago and Valentin. Their generosity, willingness to open their home to us, irresistibly adorable kiddos and their genuine kindness is nothing short of admirable.

On Saturday, the Eloi's hosted an amazing birthday celebration to honor "Kibe" (Andre's nickname) turning 31. At the suggestion of superhero fan extraordinaire, Santiago, the fete was Superman-themed. Nana outdid herself once again by making to die for traditional Brazilian fare, that we all enjoyed while sipping on caipirinhas, the national cocktail of Brazil.

A night of costume-changes, balloon baseball, ESPN Classic watching, and sugar highs ensued...

Merci beaucoup, Eloi fam, for another successful celebration. We're already looking forward to Nana's birthday in December!

on to the next one...

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  1. Fun, glad you have some very good friends in France. It also appears that Harry has found his newest favorite spot. :)