Monday, November 12, 2012

30 days of thankful: 12

Seeing how this blog is named "inheinsight," I feel it is my duty to write a blog once every 6 or so months. Kate is strongly "recommending" giving me the chance today, and luckily I'm feeling extra thankful for her in so many ways.

1. I'm thankful for her support. She has willingly traveled to Russia, Switzerland, Italy (Latina and Padova), and France to support my career. Life in Europe wouldn't be worth it without her by my side.
2. I'm thankful for her newly discovered talent in the kitchen. I love food (not as much as Kate) and I'm loving the many recipes she's whipping up for me to eat. Let's just say I don't mind being her guinea pig in this area of life.
3. I'm thankful for her adventurous spirit and love of life.

The actual list is way longer and I don't need to write it all out (another thing I'm thankful for... Kate's weird side).

Thanks 'rio. I'm thankful for you.

on to the next one...

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