Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Great friends come in many forms. Your childhood bestie/neighbor down the street growing up. College roommates who experience the ups and downs of "all things new" with you. A colleague you grow particularly close to whilst working together.  I'm one of the fortune ones (at least I think so). Mine tend to come in a convenient two-for-one package - family members who truly are my very, very best friends. Enter Rochelle, Rhonda, and Jillian...

Fresh off the return of Andy, I jumped on a flight up to Seattle for a weekend of love with my mom, aunt, and cousin. It was the perfect combination of relaxing and rowdy. We Flashdanced, tourist-ed, brunched, and generally just loved Seattle-ing around the city.

I absolutely adore Seattle. Having not visited since I was a young-in, and having very much transformed into a 'California girl' in the interim, I had no expectation of enjoying, let alone falling in love with, the PNW. The ever present sprinkles, with little peeks of sunshine throughout, seemed more sweet than somber, and I could seriously see Andy, Mr. Winston, and I tucking ourselves into a little corner in one of the super charming little neighborhoods.

Maybe someday...

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