Thursday, October 10, 2013

freaky friday

I was just warming up - or in this case, cooling down - to the fact that it's officially Fall. Halloween decorations are out in the stores, I'm accosted by pumpkin recipes and DIY costume ideas whenever I sign into Pinterest, and the sweet scent of the "Sugared Cinnamon" candle my mom thoughtfully added to this week's package is filling our apartment.

In last night's pre-sleep prayer, Andy and I thanked our Father for the changing of seasons. For a fresh start every few months and for a chance to make new memories with each new season. And though I've come to accept that it is Fall and am eternally grateful to live in a place where we get to celebrate these quarterly changes, I was in no way prepared to wake up to this...

Yep. Snow. And 6 inches of it, to boot. informs me that by Sunday we should be back in the 60s with partly cloudy skies. Here's hoping. Happy (freaky) Friday.

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