Sunday, September 29, 2013

trentino: perché no?

Probably the best thing about being in Austria this season is its über close proximity to so many other countries. Intending to take full advantage of that, we hopped in the car in search of adventure and all things Italian.

Enter: Trentino, a charmingly Italian city in northern Italy, less than 200 kilometers from our home in Innsbruck.

After a stop at the local Super Coop to stock up on Italian-necessities including Baci chocolates, polenta, and pizza flour, we headed for the centro. With no real plans in mind other than a stop at Grom for gelato, we roamed long enough to sufficiently wear Mr. Winston out before finding ourselves in need of an aperitivo.

A quick trip but well worth it. We hope to be back very soon, especially because the chunk of parmesan we bought is going quickly.

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