Wednesday, September 24, 2014

august of love

August 2014:

The month of August was so love-filled I can hardly handle it. We had a blast playing dress up and are honored to have been invited to so many weddings! We celebrated Erin + Paul, Emilie + Stefan, Jenn + Mack, me + Andy, and Jordan + Matt. Sadly, we weren't able to be in San Diego to celebrate Anthony + Casey or in Iowa City to celebrate Tasha + Ben but I'm sure their special days were perfection as well.

For our anniversary, Andy and I had the ridiculously talented, creative, and kind Josh Elliott capture some super special shots for us. And our pastor, Roger, even came down to the beach to pray over and with us. As if that wasn't enough, Andy had secretly conspired with Kiley to arrange a romantic twilight Duffy ride and picnic. That guy...

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