Saturday, September 27, 2014

ein prosit

When I studied abroad, my college girlfriends and I all traveled from our respective cities to Munich for Oktoberfest. After that weekend, I swore up and down that while it was an enjoyable experience, it was one I never - EVER - needed to have again. Love will make you do crazy things…

This afternoon, Andy and I dressed in our traditional garb and headed up to München for the festival. We parked just outside the city (1 euro for a 24 hour parking pass - winning), U-bahned to Theresienwiese, and adventured into Oktoberfest.

We didn't stay long but made good use of our time. In just over 3 hours, we found a small, less-than-crazy garten, enjoyed an oven-roasted potato and pretzel, walked the grounds, took a ride on the much-too-high swings, and grabbed some weisswurst before heading out. I also forced Andy to buy me the ever-romantic "ich liebe dich" decorated cookie heart necklace. I'm sure it tastes like garbage but I proudly wore mine throughout the day.

Clearly our Italian photographer had enjoyed his day in Munich, as evidenced by the above photo. I love it anyway. For those of you celebrating Oktoberfest in the states in the coming weeks - Prost!


  1. Finally some leiderhosen!!!! Have a great time Hein's.

  2. You are the cutest couple! I want to dress up in traditional garb with you--- you know I love a theme!