Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Late June 2014:

I haven't lived in Minnesota for nearly 10 years. Woah. That hurts my heart a bit to say. 10 years is a long time to be away from anywhere but the funny thing is, Minnesota still is and always will be "home." I grew up there, I spent summers in college there, my best friends are there… Minnesota will hold the number one "home" spot in my heart forever. Sorry California.

It was a ridiculously short trip - Friday to Sunday - but per usual, I packed it in. Shopped and prepared for the joint-Kleinschrodt-cousin-bridal-shower, ate a "walking taco", saw the "lock" and "knot" to my "mesh", headed across the river to Hudson, met one of my best friend's new loves (and he's sure a keeper), shared my heart with Beth and met her man…

…connected with cousins and family, celebrated and showered the brides-to-be, snuggled with the Bucket, and so much more!

My heart could not have been any more full as I boarded the plane and headed back to Chicago for Andy's 30th birthday party - wee!

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