Wednesday, October 15, 2014

san diego classic

September 6, 2014:

Somehow, I managed to convince Jennbugs that as part of her wedding workout preparations, training for a triathlon was a brilliant idea. Between craft nights, seating charts, fitness classes, and more, we found time to buoy swim at A Street, ride the Back Back Loop, and run through Dover Shores…

The heatwave sweeping through Southern California added another level of uncertainty as we went into race day. The water temperature was the highest it had been in the history of the event, and there was a threat of USAT calling it a "no wetsuit" race. Considering a wetsuit helps you float and therefore is somewhat of a competitive advantage, we were unnerved to hear of this possibility. Ultimately, wetsuits we deemed "legal" on race morning, so we suited up and readied our bodies.

Not only was the water super warm, the air temperature was too. By 8 a.m. it was already almost 80 degrees which meant we had a hot bike and run ahead of us.

The run course was "open" so Peahead laced up his sneaks and gate-crashed for a majority of the run as we dredged through the last 5k.

It was a successful day. After a delicious and speedy brunch, we headed back to the main staff for awards. Ultimately, I took 3rd place in my division and Jennbugs took 1st. I could not be more proud.

Training for and competing in this triathlon with Jenn was one of the highlights of my summer. Through "venting" chats on long runs, facing continued fears of ocean swimming, deep conversations about what to expect in marriage, and shopping for the appropriate outfits and accessories, we connected on a whole new level and our friendship grew more than I could have ever expected... #grateful

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